When I began creating at 14, I didn’t think that my life would revolve around computer screens, cell phones, and making connections with people who would teach me as much as I teach them. I’m a single parent, a fiction writer, a freelance designer, and an artist looking to make the world beautiful in as many ways as possible. If you’d like to work with me or support me, please take a look at my cv and check out my shop, Drops of Venus.



Web Design

Working with me to create, or recreate, your website includes a step-by-step breakdown of the process from initial design to the actual completion to bring your dream for your brand to life.


Copyediting isn’t just proofreading and fixing typos. There’s an art to telling a story and crafting your voice to promote your brand or even get your product the attention it deserves. 


Whether it’s a new logo for a new business endeavor or a rebrand of a longstanding one, I specialize in making sure that you feel proud of your brand and make it stand out amongst the others.

Technical Support

Having technology figured out isn’t always everyone’s top priority. When it comes to helping with a device or a technical issue with your website, I happily provide support and professional advice free of charge.


Curriculum Vitae


Jade Ivy (they/them) is a disabled single parent, writer, designer, crafter, and artist. When they aren’t working on a site or playing video games with their unicorn warrior, they’re crafting for their shop, Drops of Venus. At the age of 14, they took a special interest in coding due to the increasing need to make their MySpace better than all the others. Around the same time, they took up small jobs as a beta reader for fanfiction writers who deserved book deals. Now, a DeVry graduate and with over 15+ years in coding and writing, they make websites for those who want to tell their most authentic story, craft the most bonafide identity for their brand, and perfect the best image in their online presence. 


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Graphic Design

Web Design