Curriculum Vitae


Jade Ivy (they/them) is a disabled single mother, writer, designer, crafter, and artist. When they aren’t working on a site or playing video games with their third grader, they’re crafting for their shop, Heretics. At the age 14, they took a special interest in coding due to the latest social media of the time. Now, a DeVry certified graduate and with over 15 years in coding and writing, they make websites for those who want to tell their most authentic story, write authentic stories, and help writers find their real voice. Also, tons of art on the side.

Skills & Expertise

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator

web design projects

The Skiffy & Fanty Show

The Skiffy and Fanty Show is a four time Hugo-finalist podcast produced and hosted by Shaun Duke and Brandon O’Brien. The show focuses on science fiction and fantasy, including discussions about major topics in the field, interviews with authors and creators, and reviews and discussions of new and old sf/f films. 


Building the sitemap, creating its theme, and maintaining the site through updating the plug-ins and fixing all errors. This work is continuous until presently.



A&J Technologies

Locally owned and operated tech shop where we conduct technological (cellphones, televisions, computers, and tablet) repairs, provide airtime activation for cellular devices, and do networking as well as security surveillance installations.


Building the site (pages and information included), creating its theme, and maintaining the site periodically through updating the plug-ins. Photographing the products, the physical shop as it’s updated, and updating the site to reflect any news or updates.



Heretics shop, 2020 - Present

Born from the idle hands of our creator, Heretics is small online shop created for alternative, goth, witchy, artistic, occult, and horror lovers. Everything is handcrafted and made with patience, love, and the undying desire to stand out above the rest. 

Building the site, creating the theme, running daily to weekly site maintenance. Updating the e-commerce/ shop aspect of the site with inventory (in which I also create). Photographing inventory and creating promotional, sales, and update graphics. This work is continuous until presently.

Capricorn Radiance, 2021 - PRESENT

Capricorn Radiance is a small stationary and gift shop company, specializing in pre-made and custom design tumblers, t-shirts, notebooks, journals, and much more.

E-commerce site dedicated to crafts and stationary. The site is still under construction but this project is ongoing for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Mills Art, 2021

I’ve been drawing pictures since I was old enough to hold a pen, and watching horror movies nearly as long. I’ve dabbled in other mediums – including a stint teaching acrylic painting classes for four years – but am always drawn back to the starkness of black and white.

A personal site with a blog and portfolio to showcase the work of the artist. I created the logo, theme, edited the layout of the site as far as the  This project is completed.

Vagabond Designs, 2021

I’m just your average artist living in the mountains of North Carolina. I love creating pieces with bright colors and fun, expressive movement.

E-commerce and personal site dedicated to paintings and other paint-related crafts. Also a showcase of the artist. Created the website, all accompanying graphics, and the logo. The project is ongoing for the foreseeable future.

The Cardinal Hearts, 2022

The Cardinal Hearts is a podcast about storytelling with a focus on films, television shows, and books. The Cardinal Hearts is hosted by Jade Ivy and Maya SIms.

Podcast website, one page with an attached blog. Created the theme, color palette, cover art, logo, and all accompanying graphics that aren’t credited to someone else. This project is ongoing for the foreseeable future.